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SELECTOR: The Word Alive

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To help celebrate the release of The Word Alive's brand-new, sixth album Monomania, Matt from the band has generously shared a few of his personal favorite albums and books with us. We're giving the collection of his choices away to one lucky winner along with an indie exclusive fruit punch color vinyl copy of Monomania, out 2/21 via Fearless Records.

Here's what he chose for us:

1. Anthony Bourdain - Kitchen Confidential
Anthony Bourdain's book Kitchen Confidential is rock n roll/culinary smorgasborg of brash, sarcastic, yet sometimes somberly reflective stories of his life starting from the bottom as a dishwasher to the very very top of culinary and television stardom. All wrapped in a sort of New York-ish "F you". I worked in the food business for 12 years, and have been in the music business on and off that entire time. I love this book because it made it feel like I was in the head of a huge hero of mine, and that his life as a chef and mine as a musician were very similar. Also... I'm a sucker for a good old success story!

2. Stephen King - The Shining
First off I'm a massive Stephen King fan. I saw the movie a zillion times before i ever read it, and was mesmerized. Although, it wasn't until I read the book that I became obsessed with it. Even though I basically knew what happens, The Shining genuinely scared me. The idea of being at a massive hotel all alone draped my imagination with a sort of unease during the entire read, which oddly enough i enjoyed! Bonus points if you listen to the movie soundtrack in the background while you read it!

3. Travis Barker & Gavin Edwards - Can I Say
I mean... what "Can I Say"? I'm a drummer. Travis Barker was one of my first musical heros as a kid, and when I found out he put out a book I had to get my hands on it. I related to this book so much. Travis's father was so supportive of his drumming when he was growing up, and it reminded me of my dad. There's a short little passage about half way through the book that goes like this... "Blue-collar work is when you work with your hands-white-collar-work is behind a desk. Im not as grimy as my father, who made his living with a wrench, but everything I have comes from working with my hands." It was so inspiring for me to read that. I'm pretty sure I was in a hotel somewhere in Finland when I came across that page in the book, and in a way my dad teaching me to work with my hands as a young child got me there. On the other side of the planet playing drums. It was such a cool moment, and I'll never forget this book because of it. Also, again... I'm a sucker for a success story.

4. NAS - Illmatic
Illmatic by NAS is one of my favorite hip-hop albums of all time. I've always been drawn to the raw simplicity of 90's era rap music along with the verbal complexity of it, which is lacking in most of todays hip-hop music. Some of my favorite tracks off this joint are, New York State of Mind, One Time for Your Mind, and Memory lane. Illmatic has some of the most infectious, head bob inducing grooves of all time.

5. Rush - Moving Pictures
Now what kind of drummer would I be if I didnt include a RUSH album on this list? Moving Pictures was the first RUSH record I ever heard, and it blew my mind. Its amazing that three people could create such a massive sound. Every single song on this album is a smash hit. Tom Sawer, YYZ, and Limelight are all legendary songs in rock music. I owe a lot to Neil Pearts drum parts for opening my mind as a musician, and ultimately shaping me into the drummer I am today.

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