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SELECTOR: Agnes Obel

Agnes Obel SELECTOR Photo

To help celebrate the release of Agnes Obel's new album Myopia (her stunning follow up to Citizen Of Glass, Aventine, and Philharmonics), she has generously shared a few of her personal favorite albums with us. We're giving the collection of her choices away to one lucky winner along with a copy of Myopia, out now via Blue Note Records.

Here's what she chose for us:

1. Eden Ahbez - Eden’s Island
This is the perfect cure for the winter blues. The choir, the piano and vibraphone, spoken words and frog sounds seem to take me back a nonexistent not experienced past on a Californian beach.

2. Can - Ege Bamyasi

3. Scott Walker - Tilt
I’m still just getting to know this album really. even though I’ve owned and listened to it for years I still learn something new from each listen. The first track “Farmer in the City” must be my all time favorite song which I won’t dare to describe any closer.

4. Cocteau Twins - Heaven Or Las Vegas

5. Leonard Cohen - Songs of Leonard Cohen
This album has helped me through many situations where I have struggled with understanding a strange turn in a friendship or a relationship. I think Leonard Cohen’s lyrics are brilliant when describing the unspoken (but never the less very real) space of feelings, power and stories that develop between people and which can twist and bend our connection and relationship with each other.

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