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G. Love & Special Sauce is releasing a brand new record, "The Juice" - their ninth studio album over their decades spanning career! To help celebrate the release, G. Love generously shared a few favorite albums and inspirational books of his with us. We're giving the collection of his choices away to one lucky winner along with an indie stores exclusive color vinyl copy of The Juice, out 1/17 via Philadelphonic Records!

Here's what he chose for us:

1. Eric B and Rakim - Paid in Full
This record changed my life. I was busking in Philly one night when I rapped the lyrics for the title track, "Paid in Full" over a blues riff I was playing and that was the moment I came up with the Hip Hop Blues.

2. Gary Clark Jr. This Land
This record is a triumph for both Gary as an artist and contemporary Blues. Gary pushes the limits on this record. He incorporates HipHop style production into his blues.

3. Outliers - Malcom Gladwell
All of Gladwell's books are must reads for anyone that is willing to think and live outside the box.

4. Cooked - Michael Pollan
Through a history of different ways of preparing food I learned a lot about how the world was developed and I'm inspired to make some pickles, cheese, smoke meats and make wine. A must read for any fellow foodie.

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