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TYLER CHILDERS Can I Take My Hounds To Heaven? 3LP

Tyler Childers
Can I Take My Hounds To Heaven? 3LP

Can I Take My Hounds to Heaven? is the highly anticipated new album by Tyler Childers and his longtime band The Food Stamps. This unique collection is separated into 3 parts, each with a different sonic perspective, but all part of one album vision. “Hallelujah” is a pared-back version of the music featuring Tyler and his band only, “Jubilee” is full band including strings, horns, bgvs and a touch of sitar, and an exciting new sound in “Joyful Noise.” From Tyler Childers’ vision, it’s a genuine concept album meant to showcase the incredible musicianship of The Food Stamps.
Item Details
  • Number of discs: 3
  • Label: Hickman Holler Records
  • Mono/Stereo: Stereo
  • Catalog Number: 19658722371

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