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TOVE LO Sunshine Kitty CD (Autographed)

Tove Lo
Sunshine Kitty CD (Autographed)

Tove Lo
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Purchase includes CD booklet signed by Tove Lo. 

Tove Lo releases her fourth full-length studio album Sunshine Kitty, a 15-track collection of empowered and enigmatic pop gems, joining her already growing catalog of Golden Globe® Award-nominated and GRAMMY® Award-nominated multi-platinum hits. The album features a top-rated cast of collaborators and guests including Kylie Minogue, Jax Jones, ALMA, MC Zaac and Doja Cat. 

“My fourth album in five years, feels really surreal. It’s my best one yet. Sunshine Kitty tells some of my teenage love stories, current infatuation and future fears. Almost like a scrap book. I’m so proud and grateful to all of the features, producers and co-writers. Everyone was down to enter the pop weirdness and experiment! I think the best way to describe this whole album is just that it’s like me - I don’t think, I just do. And that’s what I did.” Tove Lo reveals.

Sunshine Kitty was recorded between Los Angeles and Sweden, and represents a new chapter for Tove, marked by a reclamation of confidence, hard-earned wisdom, more time, and a budding romance. Inspired by an episode of Girls, the title shares its name with an accompanying animated Lynx—“Lo” in Swedish—who joins Tove on this trip. The title is “a play on pussy power, but it’s a happy, positive way of seeing it,” Tove Lo states. “It ties in with the lynx. This cartoon cat (featured on the artwork) is an extension of me and part of the new music. She’s super cute, but she does stupid shit like getting in fights and getting fucked up. It’s how I feel the album sounds.”

Having re-teamed with “Habits (Stay High)”and “Talking Body” collaborators Jakob Jerlström and Ludvig Söderberg, they “took time like we used to, got drunk in the studio, and experimented with different sounds we hadn’t tried before.” This experimentation widened the scope of her signature style as evidenced by the lead single “Glad He’s Gone.”Delicately plucked acoustic guitar entwines with her devilishly angelic delivery before Tove locks into an eyebrow-raising call-and-response with herself.

Meanwhile, lustrous piano underscores the sunny cadence of “Sweettalk my Heart” where she gleefully accepts, “the lies a lover tells you that you both want to believe. "Eighties-esque keys drone through the nostalgic “Bad as the Boys” as it recalls, “Realizing my first crush on a girl.” Glistening neon production and Latin rhythms grind on the club-ready “Are U gonna tell her?” as she admits, “our bodies tingle tight in the purple light, we’re making love passed out, we look so damn good tonight.” Sunshine Kitty flexes from the hypnotic assurance of “Anywhere u go” to the wild Euro dance elation of “Jacques,” which proves, “I still like to rave.”

In the end, Tove Lo’s imagination offers the ultimate escape. “When my music makes fans free, there’s nothing better,” she leaves off. “Feel free to be sad, happy, or escape for a minute. I hope you can play this when you’re driving and need to let your feelings out. Or, you can put it on and cry into your headphones. Maybe you blast it to dance everything off. Whenever you need an outlet, I’m here.”

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  • Number of discs: 1
  • Label: Island
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  • Catalog Number: B003100502

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