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THE OFFSPRING Ignition Exclusive LP (Gold)
Ignition Color Vinyl disc 1
Ignition back cover
THE OFFSPRING Ignition Exclusive LP (Gold)
Ignition Color Vinyl disc 1
Ignition back cover

The Offspring
Ignition Exclusive LP (Gold)

The Offspring
  • Color: Gold
  • Limited to: 10 Per Customer

A Newbury Comics exclusive color vinyl pressing.

Ignition" is the second studio album by the American punk rock band The Offspring, released on October 16, 1992, through Epitaph Records. Following their debut self-titled album, "Ignition" further solidified The Offspring's presence in the punk rock scene and laid the groundwork for their future success.

The album features a fast-paced, energetic sound characterized by driving guitar riffs, catchy melodies, and socially conscious lyrics. Tracks like "Kick Him When He's Down," "L.A.P.D.," and "Burn It Up" showcase the band's signature blend of punk aggression and melodic hooks. "Dirty Magic" stands out as a more introspective and atmospheric track, displaying the band's versatility and songwriting depth.

Produced by Thom Wilson, "Ignition" captured The Offspring's raw energy and DIY ethos, earning praise from both fans and critics. The album's themes touch on various social and political issues, reflecting the band's punk roots and rebellious spirit.

While "Ignition" initially received modest commercial success, it laid the groundwork for The Offspring's breakthrough with their subsequent albums. The band's relentless touring and growing fanbase helped solidify their position as one of the leading acts in the punk rock genre.

With its fast-paced punk anthems and memorable hooks, "Ignition" remains a fan favorite and a pivotal album in The Offspring's discography. It continues to influence punk rock bands and audiences around the world, leaving a lasting legacy in the realm of alternative music.

Item Details
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Limited edition of: 500
  • Label: Epitaph
  • Mono/Stereo: Stereo
  • Catalog Number: EPT86867IG.1

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