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SEMISONIC You're Not Alone CD (Autographed)

You're Not Alone CD (Autographed)

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Purchase includes postcard signed by the band.

Alt-rock legends Semisonic’s new EP, You’re Not Alone, is Semisonic's first release in nearly two decades. When creating this new music, patience was a virtue for Semisonic frontman and Grammy-winning songwriter and producer Dan Wilson. Throughout the years, Wilson would try to write new Semisonic songs that stayed true to their classic sound. Just when he thought he might not remember how to be “that guy" anymore, Wilson was re-inspired by trying to write songs appropriate for Liam Gallagher ( Sparking Wilson to get back in touch with his mid-90's self, the songs came flowing out). Sounding more vital, more dynamic, and more like themselves than ever before, Semisonic’s impressive return, produced by Wilson, includes gems that mix hope and nostalgia with human connection and shared mortality. With long time bandmates John Munson (bass) and Jacob Slichter (drums), You’re Not Alone is above all a testament to the trio’s enduring chemistry which has only grown more potent and self-assured with time.

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  • Number of discs: 1
  • Label: Pleasuresonic Recordings
  • Mono/Stereo: Stereo
  • Catalog Number: SEMI01

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