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RATINOFF Let It Out CD With Autographed Postcard

Let It Out CD With Autographed Postcard

  • Limited to: 3 Per Customer

Purchase includes postcard signed by Ratinoff.

Creativity burns like a flame. Fueled by inspiration it only grows bigger, bolder, and brighter. Inspired to blaze his own trail, Jay Ratinoff ignites a scorching sound independent of border and genre lines. Fusing highly personal subject mater with ‘80s alt rock sounds and energy, his debut album teems with an incendiary, infectious, and inimitable spirit of its own.

Once a budding Latin pop star with acting credits to his name, Joaquin Torres made waves with a pair of explosive singles, which amassed over half a million You Tube views. The stage was set for a big change though. In 2019, activating a 360-degree reinvention, Joaquin legally changed his name to Jay Ratinoff, adopting his mother’s surname. He also received a second baptism as an adult at St. Bart’s church in the SF Bay Area.

Jay’s spiritual renewal crystallized his musical perspective, and he found himself reaching back to a time before he was born to draw on influences ranging from Joy Division to New Order, Billy Idol, and The Cure. The new songs, which will be unveiled on the debut Ratinoff album, Let It Out, in summer 2021, churn with driving bass and drums, and sinewy synth and guitar lines, over which Jay’s rich baritone spins tales of love, loss, and living in the modern world; think Ian Curtis meets Robert Smith, with a dash of Bono.

Item Details
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Label: CEN
  • Mono/Stereo: Stereo
  • Catalog Number: RAT 002

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