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MIKE KROL Mike Krol Is Never Dead: The First Two Records Autographed 3CD

Mike Krol
Mike Krol Is Never Dead: The First Two Records Autographed 3CD

Mike Krol
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CD is signed by Mike Krol.

Most listeners were introduced to Mike Krol in 2015 with the release of his Merge debut, Turkey. Few knew at the time that Turkey was actually Chapter 3 of the Krol saga, and that he had self-released two records years earlier. To the delight of his new legion of fans, Merge reissued those early albums as the 2017 collection Mike Krol Is Never Dead: The First Two Records. With that release, I Hate Jazz and Trust Fund found new life, and the inclusion of digital-only rarities led to fresh demand for a complete release of Mike Krol Is Never Dead on CD, out January 29, 2021.

Self-released on LP in 2011, I Hate Jazz was the opening salvo of World War Krol. Only 500 copies were pressed; they were given away to anyone who showed interest (and many who showed none whatsoever). Including Krol classics like “Fifteen Minutes” and “Like a Star,” the record had long been unavailable. Trust Fund followed in 2013; its 500 LPs sold out on the ensuing tour, fueling a mini-mania that would elevate it to cult status.

The 3-CD edition of Mike Krol Is Never Dead includes the first two albums housed in miniature-sized reproductions of the original album tri-fold wallets, and an additional disc filled with an illuminating selection of outtakes, demos, and B-sides from that era.

A few words from Krol on the extra tracks:

Everything on here was recorded and mixed by myself on either a 4-track cassette recorder or the free version of GarageBand that comes on an Apple computer. I never learned how to record properly, never took a single guitar lesson, never thought in my #wildestdreams that these songs would be heard by anyone other than my close friends (and definitely not released on the record label I so deeply admired during my formative years recording them). But that never stopped me from having fun and trying to express myself through a personal creative process. So with that, I hope you guys enjoy them.

And Krol on the CD edition:

One of the most frequent questions I get on tour is “Where can I get your first album on CD?” (second only to “So… do you actually hate jazz?”). As a Compact Disc lover myself, I always assumed we were a dying breed, and that manufacturing this music on plastic would only fulfill the personal satisfaction I’d get from having my full discography lined up on a shelf. But over time, the fans have spoken and demanded I make these albums available on CD. So here they are, with the rarely-seen-in-person full album art intact. Completists, rejoice!

Item Details
  • Number of discs: 3
  • Label: Merge
  • Mono/Stereo: Stereo
  • Catalog Number: MRG 589CD

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