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MIKA Life In Cartoon Motion LP

Life In Cartoon Motion LP

The English singer-songwriter Mika experienced his breakthrough with his first full-length studio album Life in Cartoon Motion. The album which sold over 8 million copies worldwide marks him as a talented and versatile artist. It builds upon the musical territory of artists like Freddie Mercury, Elton John and more recently The Scissor Sisters. The poppy album is full of energetic and danceable songs and shows Mika's musical identity. It's the identity of a rising star who created some of his best singles at an early stage. The single hits "Grace Kelly" and "Relax, Take It Easy" are examples of these clever pop songs, but also the more focused songs like the breakup track "Stuck in the Middle" and rocker "Ring Ring" shows his development. It makes Life in Cartoon Motion one of the top records of 2007. After releasing his first EP Dodgy Holiday Mika brought himself on the radar of music critics. It can be seen as the start of the successful career of the classically educated musician. He sold over 10 million copies of all his albums and singles and is still active in the music industry. The vinyl package includes an insert with song lyrics and credits.
Item Details
  • Vinyl weight (grams): 180
  • Label: Music On Vinyl
  • Mono/Stereo: Stereo
  • Catalog Number: MOVLP2082

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