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MESHIAAK Mask Of All Misery CD (Autographed)

Mask Of All Misery CD (Autographed)

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It’s been three years since the Australian quartet Meshiaak released their debut full-length album, ‘Alliance of Thieves’, and introduced their dark undertones, heavy grooves, and sophisticated style to the world. Meshiaak’s sophomore effort, ‘Mask Of All Misery’ doubles down on those qualities, and incorporates old-school metal values while barely taking a breath with uncompromising heaviness. “The album spotlights personal issues, and the introspection required to deal with those issues,” shares guitarist/vocalist Danny Camilleri. “We also address much broader societal issues and what’s going on around us all.”

Recorded and produced by lead guitarist Dean Wells at his Wells Productions studio in Melbourne, ‘Mask Of All Misery” had the band working hard on trimming the fat; they made sure only the best tracks made the cut. The newly established writing duo of Camilleri and Wells really shines here. “We aren’t the kind of band that writes 20 tracks and picks the best 9 or 10 to go on the album,” explains Camilleri. “We demo every track to almost album quality before we even officially record. If something doesn’t grab us early we tend to just throw it in the bin and work on something that does.” He adds, “We don’t designate or anything like that. One of us will come up with something we think is cool and we’ll work on it from that point until it evolves into what we envisioned in our head. A lot of the time the song will take on a completely different form than when we first began work on, but that’s one of the most enjoyable parts about the writing process with Meshiaak. We never stop pushing boundaries.”

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