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LUNA The Days of Our Nights LP (Color)

The Days of Our Nights LP (Color)

  • Color: Orange Swirl
Galaxie 500 co-founder Dean Wareham took his penchant for crafting sneakily hooky indie pop songs with gorgeously melodic, Television-esque guitar work into the ‘90s with his band Luna. The group made four critically-acclaimed albums for Elektra…but in 1999, the label dropped them on the eve of releasing The Days of Our Nights, leaving them without American distribution (the album was eventually released on the short-lived Jericho imprint). As a result, The Days of Our Nights has been hard to find over the years; in fact, this marks the first time it’s been available as a stand-alone vinyl release in the U.S. But it really is a lost gem in their catalog; as Wareham says “Sometimes all you remember is the pain of making a record, or the events swirling around its release, and it’s only years later you come to appreciate the songs. The Days of Our Nights sounds like classic Luna, and we still play a handful of these songs in our live set.”
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  • Label: Real Gone Music
  • Mono/Stereo: Stereo
  • Catalog Number: RGM-1574C

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