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LISA STANSFIELD Deeper With Autographed CD Booklet

Lisa Stansfield
Deeper With Autographed CD Booklet

Lisa Stansfield
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Hearing Lisa Stansfield sing takes you back. In the late ‘80s and throughout the ‘90s, the smiley singer with the Elsie Tanner accent was the coolest pop star on the planet. Her seductive, soulful vocals and timeless dance-pop songs saw her top the charts on both sides of Atlantic, duet with George Michael and Queen, win multiple Brits and Ivor Novello awards, collect Grammy nominations and feature on “The Bodyguard”, the biggest-selling film soundtrack of all time. Four albums were international hits, selling more than 15 million copies and spawning over 20 hit singles, yet Stansfield was never interested in fame. The pop soul lady’s latest album “Seven” – released four years ago and a gorgeous collection of her trademark soul – charted top 13 in both the UK and Germany and served as a reminder of why the artist has sold nearly 20 million records worldwide. With international hits such as “All Around The World”, “The Real Thing” or “Treat Me Like A Woman”, Lisa Stansfield has forced people on the dance floor for decades... and still does!

On “Deeper”, the Grammy nominated, multi BRIT winning artist challenges herself without compromising her signature blend of pop, jazz, dance, motown and northern soul. “Deeper” showcases some brand new signature Lisa songs, like the club-oriented “Everything” but at the same time shows the British queen of white soul in a more melodic light with tracks such as “Billionaire”. This smoothly interlocking selection of songs is carried by Stansfield’s bulky and multifaceted voice, a voice which has brought her worldwide recognition and praise. The album features funky groovy disco tracks, well-tempered soul-pop ballads, as well as laid-back easy-listening songs. This comes together into a well-crafted blend which sounds as strong-willed as Lisa Stansfield has proven to be.

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  • Label: Ear Music
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  • Catalog Number: 0212619EMU

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