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JAN AKKERMAN Close Beauty CD (Autographed)

Jan Akkerman
Close Beauty CD (Autographed)

Jan Akkerman
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Purchase includes postcard signed by Jan Akkerman.

Born in Amsterdam, legendary Dutch guitarist and composer Jan Akkerman started playing guitar at age five, and eventually developed an eclectic music taste consisting of classical, R&B, and rock. This resulted in a lengthy career spanning nineteen studio albums, numerous worldwide tours and festival appearances, and a Golden Harp award for his entire oeuvre. Best known for his innate ability to combine elements of rock, jazz, blues, classical, and dance music, Akkerman has leant his talents to internationally renowned groups such as Focus, Brainbox, and Finch as well as various national and international artists and collaborators.

‘Close Beauty’ is Akkerman’s nineteenth studio album and contains twelve new compositions that sees him continuously expanding his horizons. As an authentic improviser, Akkerman shows he’s still capable of fresh, energetic, and unpredictable performances. “I’ve always been able to say that no two albums of mine sound alike,” states Akkerman. “I constantly strive to keep discovering new sounds for my diverse body of work”.

The album is inspired from a simple notion, that when you are too close to an object you cannot see the real value. The instrumental album came together organically in a studio near Jan's hometown, and features Marijn van den Berg on drums, David De Marez Oyens on E-Bass and C-Bass and Coen Molenaar on keys. The stunning album cover, painted by Michael Cheval, fits the musical content of the album perfectly.

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  • Number of discs: 1
  • Label: Music Theories
  • Mono/Stereo: Stereo
  • Catalog Number: CD 50002

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