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GODFLESH Purge LP (Color)

Purge LP (Color)

  • Color: Silver w/ Gold Splatter
With the highly anticipated new album PURGE, Godflesh revisits and updates the concepts of PURE (1992), as well as bringing a whole host of new dirges and laments. Amongst the many layers of dirt, PURGE mangles 90s hip hop grooves and puts them through the Godflesh filter to create something futuristic in style - and utterly unique, just as ‘Pure’ was upon it’s release in 1992. Both minimal and maximal, Godflesh deliver alien grooves that swing whilst also retaining the psychedelic, bad trip edge with layer upon layer of filth and heaviness - that Godflesh have always been known for. This is, and always has been, feel-bad music.
Item Details
  • Label: Avalanche Recordings
  • Mono/Stereo: Stereo
  • Catalog Number: AREC066LPUSA

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