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FUGAZI Repeater LP

Repeater LP


Fugazi's "Repeater" is an iconic album that came out in 1990, and it's often hailed as a cornerstone of the post-hardcore genre. Fugazi, a Washington D.C. based band, comprised of Ian MacKaye, Guy Picciotto, Joe Lally, and Brendan Canty, crafted a sound that was politically charged, musically innovative, and emotionally intense.

"Repeater" is their first full-length studio album, following their debut EP, "Fugazi," released in 1988. The album was recorded and produced by Ted Nicely. It's characterized by its raw energy, intricate guitar work, unconventional song structures, and socially conscious lyrics.

The title track, "Repeater," is one of the album's standout songs, known for its infectious riff and biting commentary on the monotony of modern life. Other notable tracks include "Merchandise," which critiques consumerism and the commodification of art, and "Blueprint," a song that confronts issues of identity and authenticity.

One of the defining aspects of Fugazi's music, including "Repeater," is their commitment to the DIY ethos. They self-produced their albums, booked their own tours, and released their music through their own label, Dischord Records. This autonomy allowed them to maintain artistic integrity and control over their work, which resonated deeply with their fanbase.

"Repeater" remains a landmark album in underground music history, influencing countless bands and continuing to resonate with listeners for its potent blend of aggression, intellect, and passion.

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