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Newbury Comics Day - Saturday April 6th, 2019 - 348 Newbury St Boston, MA

Newbury Comics Day is April 6th in Boston!

We are thrilled to announce that in honor of our anniversary Newbury Comics will be getting our very own day in our hometown. In an official proclamation, BOSTON Mayor MARTIN J. WALSH has proclaimed April 6th, 2019 as Newbury Comics Day in the City of Boston.

For over 40 years Newbury Comics has been an innovative, trend setting chain of music and lifestyle stores. In the process, Newbury Comics has become a destination for New Englanders who are looking for - what our company’s slogan aptly states - “a wicked good time!”

Newbury Comics will have a special event on April 6th to celebrate this honor. Our Newbury Street location will host a “Newbury Comics Day” celebration at our brand new store at 348 Newbury St. Please join us as we celebrate both our new store and this special day.

Newbury St. Store Events

  • 12:15pm - 12:45pm: Jeff Tweedy Acoustic Performance
  • 1:00pm - 3:00pm: Keytar Bear Performance
  • 1:00pm - 1:15pm: Representative from The Mayor’s Office presents the Newbury Comics Day Proclamation
  • 1:15pm - 1:25pm: Check Presentation to Musician’s On Call From Newbury Comics and Record Store Day
  • 1:30pm - 3:30pm: Newbury Comics Prize wheel
  • 2:00pm - 3:00pm: 7L & Esoteric (of Czarface) DJ Set & Autograph Signing
  • 10:00am - 9:00pm: A Wicked Good Time

Some words from our friends and community

In the early 90’s, Newbury Comics was a major destination point for me and my BMX gang of friends. We’d ride bikes from Methuen MA across the state line to the Salem NH store and hang out for hours, absorbing whatever music was being played on their sound system. That’s where I discovered Quicksand “Slip”, Tool “Undertow”, Fugazi “Repeater”, Seaweed “Four”, Sensefield “Killed For Less”, Avail “Dixie” - just a handful of many influential records introduced to me by Newbury Comics. Oh, and they were always generously stocked with “Primus Sucks” stickers.

Stephen Brodsky (Cave In, Mutoid Man)

Newbury Comics was one of the original founders of Record Store Day and gave us the support that we needed to get the concept off the ground. They were especially supportive and generous of their time and resources, and we’ll always be grateful for that. So when the chance to once again work with the Newbury Comics team on this fantastic record (WTF with Marc Maron's "In the Garage") and the worthy cause associated with it (Musicians On Call), we jumped at it. I couldn’t be more proud to have the very first official Record Store Day release on it’s own imprint be this one.

Michael Kurtz, co-founder Record Store Day

As long as I've been obsessed with music, I've been haunting Newbury Comics locations all over New England. Not only has Newbs always provided a place for me to obtain these potentially life-changing records, but browsing the racks has led me to countless discoveries (including Astral Weeks, which, by any measure, has altered my life forever in multiple ways). As I grew up and I started creating my own culture, the store has always supported me as a lifelong, Boston artist. From stocking my band's music, to championing my first book, the weird cartoon squiggle face has never let me down. I'm not sure I've ever bought a comic there. That's insane, but kinda perfect, too. Long may you run, Newbury Comics. Much love.

Ryan Walsh (Hallelujah the Hills, Author of 'Astral Weeks: A Secret History of 1968)

I started goin to newbury comics in the early 80's to buy hardcore records.

My most memorable moment was when some punk kids were making fun of me for wearing a motorhead t-shirt. I was a 15 year old country bumpkin and Aimee Mann who worked there behind the counter stood up for me telling the punks to shut up Motorhead is cool. Those aholes hadn't gotten the memo yet that punks liked motorhead, thanks Aimee, thanks newbury comics.

J Mascis

Newbury Comics is quite possibly my favorite store of all time. When I lived in Boston my friends and I would walk in and spend hours in there. It’s the most legendary place for gag gifts, clothes, records - you name it they’ve got it. For me, Newbury really feels like a piece of home.

Sasha Sloan

I applied for a job in shipping at the Harvard Square Newbury’s in 1986 when I was 20 years old, having absolutely no hopes of landing it. Newbury was a dream job and I was still relatively new to Boston and a ball of nerves, so I was psyched and surprised when they hired me. As well as gainfully employing me, that job was an education in the Boston music scene — my co-workers and bosses were either musicians themselves, or otherwise plugged into local music. It was exciting and fun, and most importantly, run by people who deeply loved and knew music, and actively supported the local scene. I don’t have to tell anyone reading this that business and ethics rarely harmonize, but John and Mike and Natalie and all at NC Harvard nailed it.

Tanya Donelly (Belly/Breeders/Throwing Muses)

Newbury Comics was an almost daily ritual for the Buffalo Toms, growing up near Boston - discovering local bands like The Atlantics, Moving Targets, the Lemonheads - later our kids grew up buying Pokemon cards in Harvard Square...

Chris Colbourn (Buffalo Tom)

Newbury Comics has continued to be a mighty stalwart of support for independent music for the tidy sum of 41 years. Thanks for recognizing how to prosper in an often challenging physical marketplace and inspiring others to follow the path of a true leader.

Glenn Dicker (RedEye/Yep Roc)

Marc Maron (WTF)

I’ve been going to Newbury Comics since the early 80’s. I used to read Boston Rock, pore through the comic book section & admire the selection of records & CD’s. I even pulled off the trifecta & worked at all three record stores on the same stretch of Newbury St. (Tower, Newbury Comics & CD Spins). With so much changing in the neighborhood it’s comforting to know Newbury Comics is one of the few constants.

Dart Adams (Music Journalist/Historian)

I discovered 2 of my favorite bands, The Birthday Party and The Gun Club rifling through the new arrivals bin in Newbury Comics in 1982. Both bands were hugely influential on the music I went on to make.

Thalia Zedek

For real, how the hell do you stay relevant for over 40 years? IMPRESSED

Cam Sarrett, Distribution, Third Man Records

I think half of my record collection is from Newbury Comics. I spent a lot of time in the store when I lived in Boston, and loved it. Awesome that April 6 is Newbury Comics day!

Mary Timony (Ex Hex, Helium)

The Newbury Street store was where I would pick up all of the newest in New Wave records and if she was working that day, try to show Aimee Mann that I wasn’t a total putz. Didn’t quite work out, but no regrets!!

Bob Fay (ex-Sebadoh)

I worked with this magnificent drummer in the 80s and 90s named John Orsi. He was into tons of different music, but he loved “the minor key dark stuff.” One day he walked into Newbury Comics because he’d heard a track he loved on ZBC and had to find the band’s record in the store. He said he walked in and saw this stunning woman behind the counter, and asked her if Newbury Comics carried recordings by this band he’d heard. She smiled when she asked and said, “You’re kidding, right?” Apparently he was asking for (her band's) record and he didn’t know the woman behind the counter was the leader of the band.

Peter Moore (Count Zero, Think Tree, Blue Man Group)

Back in the late 80’s living on Exeter and Beacon, I was fairly close to Newbury Comics. I’d walk over many times to this record store that actually had “imports”! They also carried Sounds, Melody Maker and NME. Being in a band on the English label 4AD I found Newbury Comics to be an amazing conduit to the scene overseas.

And what’s better? My parents lived in Burlington. When a Newbury Comics opened there, I had something else to do while visiting Burlington!


David Lovering (Pixies)

Michael Sweet (Stryper/Sweet & Lynch)

I remember buying Ween CDs at Newbury Comics because they were 11 cents cheaper than anywhere else. I also remember having our own Guster card popping up out of the G section and feeling like we’d made it.

Brian Rosenworcel (Guster)

In a time when seeking out culture for misfits, misanthropes and all things to the left of the mainstream was downright arduous, Newbury Comics was a road map and a short cut. I would skate into town, grab a slice at Newbury Pizza, and rush right over to the store. It’s where I bought The Horrible Truth About Burma. It’s where I bought New Day Rising. It’s where Natalie held a copy of Big Black’s limited edition of Headache for me before it sold out. They carried Flipside and Maximum Rock and Roll and Conflict and Forced Exposure…must reads to feel connected with the bubbling underground American Indie scene. I never would have become the person that I am today without the place.

Todd Phillips (Juliana Hatfield, Bullet LaVolta)

my older sister was my cool music source growing up. she moved to boston when i was a teenager and she was soon telling me about newbury comics and how they had the best records and the most knowledgeable people working there. the store became mythic in my mind. in the years since i've had the pleasure of shopping there and playing in-store appearances. they've been big supporters of nada surf's releases and have never been anything less than awesome. thanks guys, you're the best!

Matthew Caws (Nada Surf)

Congratulations on your 41st, Newbury Comics. Endless gratitude for the support you've shown Warp and independent artists over the years. Here's to 41 more.

Warp Records

Congrats Newbury Comics on this Day of Boston Recognition and Embrace,,Where would I be without ya !! You always had the highest grade dope for us young music fiends back when it was Barely Legal. Touche' and much gratitude.

David Minehan (Woolly Mammoth Sound / The Neighborhoods)

Much love and congrats to Newbury Comics on this very special, well-deserved day. Thanks for all your support over the years, it means so much.

Peter Silberman (The Antlers)

I can’t think of a time when Newbury Comics has let me down. Whether it was being the go-to place to find a cool or random gift for a friend or just being a place to hang out and play ukulele in high school when we had nothing else better to do, the staff and environment at NC was always so chill. I discovered one of my favourite bands, Tigers Jaw, because of their performance at NC a few years ago. I was super happy when NC agreed to host my own band’s release show last summer. It was super fun and a memory I’ll always cherish.

Ronnica (Mint Green)

Death Angel

Huge respect, congratulations and gratitude to Newbury Comics. For sticking to and succeeding in the tough business of selling music by being creative and taking chances on what a record store can be. For championing local musics. For championing vinyl at times when many "record stores" didn't know what that was. For hiring local musicians and helping them balance careers pursuing art and paying the rent. For sticking it to the man when SoundScam blithely announced that the entire industry had to suddenly participate in a flawed benchmark of sales (no, we don't, said Newbury Comics). For providing a fun and welcoming place for weirdos to gather, over generations. Record stores are holy places to some of us - Newbury Comics has cheerfully and tirelessly honored that. Salut!

Chris Brokaw (Chris Brokaw, Codeine, Come)

When I was a 15-year-old kid out in Leominster, good record shops were hard to come by. My friends and I would take the Commuter Rail into Boston to go to venues such as the Channel, Bunratty‘s, the Rathskeller, etc., to see hardcore bands... but our first stop was typically the Newbury comics in Harvard Square. We carefully picked pit wjat looked like the best new 7”s and LPs(and ‘zines!), and would fiendishly abscond to Au Bon Pain for cheap eats with our new acquisitions. We’d head off to the show, see friends and bands, hop the train back home and pore over every detail of those new records. Lyric sheets, thanks lists(making mental notes of bands thanked for our next journey to Newbury Comics)... and we couldn’t wait to get home and spin those new records that we had it obtained. Basically, the prospect of hitting a Newbury comics was one of the most important parts of my teenage years and my record collecting career. Thanks for doing what you do! Happy 41st birthday... May Newbury Comics live on for eternity!

Matt Kelly (Dropkick Murphys)