DOUBT Doubt!! Vol. 1 Manga

Doubt!! Vol. 1 Manga


(W/A/CA) Izumi Kaneyoshi

Shy junior-high anime geek undergoes an extreme makeover to become a high-school princess-but can she overcome her DOUBT!? Meet Ai Maekawa, unremarkable junior high school girl. Life goes on in total anonymity for this nobody until one day she gets "pantsed" by a bitchy girl named Yumi-right in front of Ai's #1 crush, Oshita-revealing Ai's "Cutie Bunny" granny panties! Utterly, utterly humiliated, Ai undergoes an extreme makeover before she enters her new high school-where nobody, she hopes, knows of her past! And right from the get-go, So, the hottest guy in the school, is all over her! It's like a dream come true, but will she be able to have the confidence to battle against all the jealous girls in her new school? And who is the creepy guy sending her love letters, who seems to know all about her shameful past? And then her old nemesis Yumi pops up, threatening to expose all!

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