VARIOUS ARTIST Resistance Radio: The Man In The High Castle Album 2 LP

Various Artist
Resistance Radio: The Man In The High Castle Album 2 LP


Brian Burton – aka Danger Mouse – and his label 30th Century Records have an ambitious new project entitled ‘Resistance Radio: The Man In The High Castle Album’ out April 7th. Produced and created by Burton and Sam Cohen, ‘Resistance Radio’ is an imagined soundtrack to the Amazon Original Series, ‘The Man In The High Castle.’ The project features Beck, Kelis, Norah Jones, The Shins, Angel Olsen, Benjamin Booker, Karen O + many more, all covering songs from the early 1960s – the time period in which the show is set.

The project is a unique expansion of the ‘The Man In The High Castle’ storyline, which takes place 17 years after the Allied Powers lost World War II, with America divided and controlled by the Greater Nazi Reich in the East and the Japanese Pacific States in the West. While none of the songs appear on the show itself, ‘Resistance Radio’ takes its name from the from the pirate radio network featured in Season 2 and the collection envisions songs one might hear on it. Burton says of the project, “We were inspired by the original songs and wanted to see if we could transport current singers back to that time. It was equal parts science fiction and musical.” Cohen adds, “It was a fun exercise to take newness completely out of the equation. We were doing old songs in the style of the period and shooting for sonic authenticity. It boiled everything down to the performances.”

Item Details
  • Number of discs: 2
  • Label: 30th Century
  • Mono/Stereo: Stereo
  • Catalog Number: 88985417081

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