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U ROY Creation Rebel: Rare Sides By The Reggae Originator 1971-1975 LP (Color)

U Roy
Creation Rebel: Rare Sides By The Reggae Originator 1971-1975 LP (Color)

U Roy
  • Color: Clear
  • Limited to: 1 Per Customer
TO THE EXTENT THAT AMERICAN HIP HOP OWES A DEBT TO JAMAICAN MUSIC, THAT DEBT IS ALSO OWED TO U ROY. This Limited-Edition vinyl release for RSD Black Friday 2021 celebrates the long and ground-breaking career of the artist who single-handedly created the model for all succeeding reggae DJs, the legendary U ROY. It is impossible to overstate his importance to the history of reggae, representing a status as Louis Armstrong’s lasting influence on Jazz; U Roy’s feat of having the Top 3 best-selling singles at one time in 1970 on the airwaves & in record shops announced the beginning of a long recording and live performance career, known internationally as the ‘Rasta Ambassador’, a status he held until his death in February 2021. Quite simply, U Roy created the template for all those countless Mic MCs who followed his example, from the 1970s to now. Bob Marley was known to not be a fan of the DJ music sweeping the dance in Jamaica, but when asked what he thought of the trend replied “Well…me like U Roy.” Pressed on clear vinyl (with liner notes by the noted reggae producer/historian Leroy Pierson), this compilation includes Roy’s collaborations with the leading vocalists of the day (including Johnnie Clarke, Lee Perry, The Heptones, Slim Smith and others), on his own, now-extremely rare JA-only 45 releases, from the collection on Sound System Records, Foundation Skank . There are also sides from an earlier release on Sound System (out of print on vinyl for 20 years) The Lost Album: Right Time Rockers, cited by the Rough Guide To Reggae as one of its 100 Essential LPs. Chatting as a master jazz scat-vocalist over the rhythms originally cut at the Channel One studio in Kingston for the all-time greatest LP of the vocal group Mighty Diamonds, they give an intimate look at the island’s #1 DJ at the top of his form. By the time of his demise at the age of 78, every accolade, honor, and recognition given in the reggae world were abundantly his, including the Jamaican government’s highest commendation, The National Order Of Distinction. From the early days until his end, U Roy was the epitome of the Rastafarian message of black pride and love. His primacy in the forefront of reggae is known world-wide, and Sound System Records gives thanks for our two decades + association with the man known as Daddy Roy.

Record Store Day titles are strictly limited and non-returnable.

Item Details
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Limited edition of: 1500
  • Label: Sound System
  • Mono/Stereo: Stereo

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