THEE OH SEES An Odd Entrances LP

Thee Oh Sees
An Odd Entrances LP


From the same misty mountain top tape spool as August’s “A Weird Exits”, Thee Oh Sees bring us a companion LP titled “An Odd Entrances". Delving more towards the contemplative side than the face-skinning aspects of "A Weird Exits", "An Odd Entrances" is a cosmic exercise en plein aire with Dwyer and co double drum shuffling, lounging with cellos, following a flute around the groove, and spooling a few Grimm-dark lullabies along the way. Lurking in the grass are a snake or two, like the celestial facing instrumental buzz of Unwrap The Fiend Pt. 1...but for the most part this is a relatively hushed affair, a morning rather than evening listen perhaps.

Item Details
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Label: Castle Face
  • Mono/Stereo: Stereo
  • Catalog Number: CF 085 LP

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