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SPEEDY ORTIZ The Death of Speedy Ortiz & Cop Kicker...Forever 2LP (Color)

Speedy Ortiz
The Death of Speedy Ortiz & Cop Kicker...Forever 2LP (Color)

Speedy Ortiz
  • Color: Ruby & Seaglass
It’s been ten years since Sadie Dupuis recorded the first Speedy Ortiz songs, a solo experiment that quickly became her full-time band. Since then, Speedy has produced an expansive and critically revered discography, toured worldwide, and inspired next generations of bands with inventive songwriting and advocacy to better the music industry. But in 2011, the younger Dupuis was struggling through concurrent traumas: heartbreak from first love, leaving her hometown of New York for Massachusetts, and the grief of losing several young friends. Speedy’s first songs glowed within the contrast of noisiness and intimacy, raw sonic elements that came with closely processing vulnerabilities and Dupuis’ insistence on performing and recording each instrument alone. Now, ten years later, Speedy’s first self-released collections will be widely available for the first time and reissued as a double LP The Death of Speedy Ortiz & Cop Kicker…Forever, alongside previously unreleased tracks from that era.
Item Details
  • Number of discs: 2
  • Label: Carpark
  • Mono/Stereo: Stereo
  • Catalog Number: CRPK159.1

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