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REVEREND HORTON HEAT Whole New Life CD With Autographed Booklet

Reverend Horton Heat
Whole New Life CD With Autographed Booklet

Reverend Horton Heat
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For nearly 35 years, Jim “The Reverend” Heath has been infusing rock ‘n roll with punk, surf, big-band, ‘50’s rockabilly, swing, jazz, and country. Aside from being masterful on his signature model Gretsch guitar, Jim and his band Reverend Horton Heat are considered to be one of the most exciting shows on the road.

Jim’s storybook is a tome: From recording with Lemmy Kilmister; being revered by country music legends like: Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, and Dolly Parton; touring with Motorhead and Sex Pistols (a young Lydon was connected to Jim’s original 1985 demo); to providing sage-like touring opportunities to upstarts Soundgarden, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, White Zombie, and countless others across decades on the road.

Reverend Horton Heat continue to perform 150-200 dates a year, while his cross-country residencies and now-infamous “Horton’s Hayride” festival have become destination events for fans worldwide. Quite simply, Jim Heath is an American treasure.

From his signature Gretsch guitar, Jim ‘Reverend Horton’ Heath summons a bounty of rock ‘n’ roll flavors and Whole New Life is the perfect example of how a great song can hook you instantly. Also featuring longtime slap-bass general Jimbo Wallace, the eleven track blockbuster features new sticksman Arjuna ‘RJ’ Contreras whose jazz and rock qualifications brought a distinctive new backbeat to the legendary rockabilly duo. A flashy, young pianist named Matt Jordan, possessing all the pomp and power of Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard, rounds out the lineup. Heath expands, “I love playing with these guys, it truly is a whole new band, so the title fits perfectly. It is appropriate for what Jimbo, RJ, Matt and I are going through. We’re really enjoying our career right now and it’s all a little new for each of us.”

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  • Number of discs: 1
  • Label: Victory
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  • Catalog Number: VR7512

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