MANA Wilde's Fairy Tales Blind Box

Wilde's Fairy Tales Blind Box

In Wilde's fairy tale, the innocent child kisses the selfish giant. The young king took off his costume and put on a sheepskin coat. The young fisherman drove away his soul in order to get love. The ugly little man danced funny dances to the beloved princess. Nightingale gave the last drop of blood to this "true love". In this world, please savor carefully, love and compassion and unparalleled beauty. Mana is a girl full of compassion and strong empathy. This blind box uses Mana to bring out some plots in Wilde's fairy tales. Then let the cute little Mana take us into Wilde's fairy tale.

Blind boxes contain one figure each, randomly selected for shipping, and requests for specific variants cannot be requested. Returns cannot be accomodated for opened products.

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