LP Heart To Mouth CD With Autographed Booklet

Heart To Mouth CD With Autographed Booklet

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This October, LP announced the release of her anxiously awaited fifth full length, Heart To Mouth, following her 2017 studio album Lost On You. Her most personal offering to date, the new album lives up to its name with the kind of unbridled, unfiltered, and undeniable songcraft that cemented her as a fan favorite.

Of the record, she said, “When I get on the mic and start doing melodies, I can feel that direct line from my heart to my mouth. In the past, there was a city full of streets that needed my attention. Now, I feel like I have a major highway to communicate emotion from. Whether they’re sadder songs or big anthems, they all come from the same place.”

Lead single “Recovery” illuminates the honesty at the record’s core. Upheld by stark and stripped piano, slow burning and bold verses catch fire on the confessional, yet catchy refrain, “Can’t you see? I’m in recovery.” The music video brings her words to life as it depicts the dissolution of a relationship whose embers won’t be extinguished so easily. The clip’s atmosphere complements the sparse production by Mike Del Rio (X Ambassadors, Kylie Minogue, POWERS).

The single arrives hot on the heels of “Girls Go Wild.” Within a month, the tune impressively generated nearly 3 million YouTube views and 1.2 million Spotify streams and counting. Billboard praised how it “soundtracks a westward-bound trip between two partners in a relationship standing on its last legs.” Meanwhile, Baeble Music wrote, “LP achieves a mystical, dreamy sort of affect in her new video for ‘Girls Go Wild’, while still managing to look totally badass.”

The two tracks only represent two shades of Heart To Mouth’s kaleidoscopic wonder. “House on Fire” hinges on show-stopping theatrical-style delivery rife with raw power, while “Die For Your Love” borders on blues and dance all at once with its tribal percussion and sweeping refrain. Meanwhile, the stirring “Special” leaves a breathless final word.

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