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FULL OF HELL Suffocating Hallucination LP (Color)

Full Of Hell
Suffocating Hallucination LP (Color)

Full Of Hell
  • Color: Silver & Orange

Indie Exclusive on Limited Edition Sil er and Orange Vinyl.

Full of Hell pack nihilism, devastation, and overwhelming fury into every outpouring. Primitive Man blends existential dread and postmodern terror with hostile sludge and doom. It was inevitable that the pair of acclaimed hellraisers, coveted by devoted adherents, would collaborate. Primitive Man brings their grimy, misery-driven heaviness together with Full Of Hell's iconoclastic genre-busting grindcore into a singularly powerful dual artistic statement.

Item Details
  • Label: Closed Casket Activities
  • Mono/Stereo: Stereo
  • Catalog Number: CLCR106LP2

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