DK The Crime Book
DK The Crime Book
DK The Crime Book
DK The Crime Book

The Crime Book


Discover the most notorious crimes and criminals in history, from Jack the Ripper to modern drug cartels.

With a foreword by best-selling crime author Peter James, The Crime Book explores more than 100 crimes and examines the science, psychology, and sociology of criminal behavior. See the gory details of each crime and how it was solved, with key moments visualized by arresting graphics.

Acquaint yourself with history’s most infamous and audacious rogues, from outlaws like pirates, highwaymen, and mafia henchmen to the cybercriminals of the 21st century. Detailed criminal profiles and memorable quotes bring you closer to the culprits, letting you delve into the criminal mind.

The Crime Book looks at the core ideas and concepts in criminology spanning from kidnapping and political plots to modern heists and serial killers, including the Black Dahlia investigation, the Mississippi Scheme, and the notorious Jeffrey Dahmer. With authoritative, graphics-led text, clearly understand society’s views of law and order, and peer into the underworld.

The Crime Book, part of DK’s best-selling Big Ideas series, is the perfect introduction to law enforcement and criminology across history’s most infamous crimes.

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