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BLUES TRAVELER Hurry Up & Hang Around CD With Autographed Booklet

Blues Traveler
Hurry Up & Hang Around CD With Autographed Booklet

Blues Traveler
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Blues Traveler is releasing their 13th album Hurry Up & Hang Around, a 12-track opus that finds the band re-energized and laser-focused stirring up an intoxicating brew of rowdy rock, smoky psychedelica, southern folk, staggering soul, and brash blues. To make the record, the band decided to rent a house in Nashville to write and record with GRAMMY Award-winning producer Matt Rollings. Rollings’ intense attention to detail unlocked a rich sonic spectrum as he challenged and pushed each member to excel without compromising or taking “no” for an answer.

“We were going through some changes as far as our infrastructure goes,” admits John Popper. “We parted ways with two different managers. No preparations had really been made, and it seemed like it might be too late to make new music. Between taking meetings, we were by ourselves writing in the garage every day of this Nashville house. That was pretty cool, because we felt like a garage band again. There was a spirit of survival. We had something to celebrate, so we really came together as a band.”

“Matt put it all on turbo boost, because he’s one of the finest producers we’ve ever worked with, period,” adds Popper. “He can bring out any sound he wants. He got takes out of me that I couldn’t ever get out of myself, and I’ve tried. However, he also let me be me. It’s one of the best production experiences we’ve ever had. It was an unexpected musical education.”

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