LORD FELIX Lord Felix Van Buren Enamel Pin

Lord Felix
Lord Felix Van Buren Enamel Pin


Exclusively available from Newbury Comics!

Lord Felix and the Van Buren team (Luke Bar$, Jiles, Ricky Felix, Meech, Saint Lyor, etc...) have had a heckuva year... and we're celebrating with this limited edition exclusive enamel pin of the mysterious musician and visual artist behind the classic In Bloom, Forever LP and Ultraviolet, Supernova and Infrared EPs. If you don't have your eyes and ears on Brockton, you're really missing out.

Also playing:

  • Luke Bar$ and Jiles - 2 Sides
  • Meech - 'NineFour
  • Van Buren Boys - Live @ the Oberon
  • Jiles - Fuck Jiles
  • Saint Lyor - Gossip
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