MARVEL COMICS X-Men: Dark Phoenix Saga Graphic Novel

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Saga Graphic Novel


(W) Chris Claremont, Jo Duffy (A) John Byrne & Various (CA) John Byrne

An epic tale of triumph and tragedy! When the Dark Phoenix rises, suns grow cold and universes die! Gathered by Charles Xavier, the X-Men have dedicated their wondrous abilities to protect mankind - even those who hate and fear them. one of their own, Jean Grey, has unwittingly attained power beyond conception - and been corrupted, absolutely. The X-Men must decide: Is the life of the woman they cherish worth the existence of an entire universe? This touching tale of ultimate power and the triumph of the human spirit has been a cornerstone of the X-Men mythos for over three decades.

Collects X-Men #129-138, ClassIc X-Men #43, Bizarre Adventures #27 (1st story), Phoenix: The Untold Story, What If? (1977) #27.

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