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Dean Miller - Platinum
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Platinum is the title of the third studio album recorded, but only the second to be released, by American country music artist Dean Miller. It was released in 2005 on Koch Records. It followed an unreleased second album, Just Me, which he recorded in 2002 for Universal South Records. Platinum produced only one non-charting single prior to the closure of Koch's country division. "I've Been a Long Time Leaving" was written by Miller's father, Roger Miller, and previously recorded by Waylon Jennings on his album Dreaming My Dreams. The track "Right Now" was previously recorded by the short-lived band Rushlow on their 2003 album of the same name.


#"Hard Love" (Dean Miller, Liz Rose) – 3:16

#"105" (Fred Eaglesmith) – 2:56

#"Ready for the Rain" (D. Miller, Rose) – 3:00

#"Whiskey Wings" (D. Miller, Eric Church) – 3:08

#"Stronger Than Your Love" (D. Miller, Casey Koesel) – 2:59

#"I've Been a Long Time Leaving" (Roger Miller) – 2:34

#"Coming Back to You" (D. Miller, Lindy Robbins) – 4:08

#"On a Good Day" (D. Miller) – 3:35

#"Right Now" (D. Miller, Danny Orton) – 3:07

#"Yes Man" (D. Miller, Troy Olsen) – 2:49

#"Music Executive" (D. Miller) – 3:40


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This text has been derived from Platinum (Dean Miller album) on Wikipedia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0

Artist/Band Information

Roger Dean Miller, Jr. (born October 15, 1965, in Los Angeles, California) is an American country music artist, known professionally as Dean Miller. He is the son of Roger Miller, a country pop artist who had several hit singles between the 1960s and 1980s. Dean Miller has recorded three studio albums (one of which was not released), in addition to charting four singles on the Hot Country Songs charts and writing singles for Trace Adkins and Terri Clark. His highest-peaking single was "Nowhere, USA", which reached #54 in 1997.


Although born in Los Angeles, Dean Miller was raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He got his musical start in local clubs around Santa Fe, before moving back to Los Angeles in the early 1980s and joining a band called the Sarcastic Hillbillies. At the same time, he attended college, in addition to briefly pursuing a career in acting. Miller later moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where he worked as a staff songwriter for Sony/Tree Publishing.

By 1995, he was signed to the Nashville division of Liberty Records (which was later assumed into Capitol Records Nashville). Two years later, his eponymous debut album was released on the Capitol label. The lead-off single "Nowhere, USA" received significant airplay in Chicago even before its release date; however, it and two additional singles failed to reach Top 40 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks (now Hot Country Songs) charts. Another single, "Wake Up and Smell the Whiskey", was co-written and previously recorded by Brett James, who would later become a popular Nashville songwriter in the 2000s. In addition, the album sold poorly, and Miller was dropped from the Capitol roster not long afterward. In 2000, two country artists charted with singles that Miller co-wrote: Terri Clark's "A Little Gasoline" and Trace Adkins's "I'm Gonna Love You Anyway".

In 2002, Miller signed to the newly-formed Universal South Records, where he recorded his second album, Just Me. The lead-off single "Love Is a Game" peaked at #58, and the album was never released. Miller later left Universal South's roster as well.

In 2005, he was signed to the country music division of Koch Entertainment. His third album, titled Platinum, was released that same year. This album included the track "Right Now", which the band Rushlow had previously recorded as the title track of their 2003 debut album, as well as the non-charting single "Hard Love". Koch Entertainment closed its country division in 2005, however, and Miller was yet again without a record deal. Miller has not recorded any albums since Platinum.


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This text has been derived from Dean Miller on Wikipedia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0

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